In the past, the small scale of architecture made it easy to understand the daily changes of building construction, and the daily changing landscape of the construction site was open to the city. Today, as buildings are built on a larger scale, the changes are more gradual and beyond our comprehension, and architecture has become distant from the people. In addition, for safety reasons, temporary enclosures have been set up, and we are becoming less and less aware of the changes in the city.
This project is a pursuit of the possibility of combining our diverse values with the long time frame of building construction to create a richer sense of the changes in the landscape. In this project, a temporary enclosure is proposed as an interface through which visitors can experience how architecture is being built in the city moment by moment, even in the short time that they pass in front of the construction site. This allows us to enjoy the dynamic changes of the city through the construction site.
Making the Environment Uneven
The basic operation is to create wave sized pixels by vertically intersecting and overlapping the wave directions. When the view is seen through the pixels, the view becomes clearer when approaching and fuzzier when moving away, due to the effect of the wave plate.
Using this phenomenon, the clarity of the construction site changes according to the distance from the temporary enclosure. Up close, you can see the construction site clearly, but away from it, you can see only the silhouette, and depending on the position from which you are looking, the view changes in various ways.
Various Polycarbonate to Unevenness
Three methods were used to create further diversity. First, I used three types of corrugated sheets with different pitches and combined them to create various overlaps. Next, I lined up 600 and 900 square corrugated sheets to form the pattern shown in the figure. For the first layer of corrugated sheets lined up on one side, this pattern is staggered in the second and third layers and placed in layers.
The direction, number and type of corrugated sheets change from place to place, creating an unevenness (diversity) in the walking space, and the landscape changes nonlinearly as one walks along the temporary enclosure. In some places, you can see the expressions of people working at the construction site, while in other places you can vaguely see the silhouettes of heavy machinery and standing buildings.

mockup for study
mockup for study
mockup for study
mockup for study
Interactivity between inside and outside
Walking along the temporary enclosures with their various expressions, you can enjoy the changing scenery of the construction site and encounter the process of building a city. On the other hand, the people at the construction site can feel the connection with the city through the dim view of the outside, and have a sense that they are building a city. This temporary enclosure creates a connection between the outside and the inside of the construction site, and allows people to share in the dynamics of the city.

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